Woodburn, Ore. — In a letter to district staff on Monday, Dr. Joe Morelock announced he was resigning from his post as District Superintendent.  Dr. Morelock came to Woodburn after being fired as the Newberg School District Superintendent in 2021.

He was fired from the Newberg School District in November of 2021 after the district received much national attention when the school board banned political display’s in schools.  Opponents said the board was keeping teachers from displaying Black Lives Matter and Pride flags.

Dr. Morelock was hired in Woodburn in March of 2022.  At the time the district released a statement saying, “Morelock cares deeply about supporting bilingual students and programs; he speaks Spanish fluently and first began working in education as a Spanish teacher.  This experience and passion was particularly important to district leaders because 86% of Woodburn’s student body is Latino. He has a passion and dedication to bilingualism and looks forward to investing in Woodburn’s already extensive dual language programs.”

A Woodburn School District Spokesperson confirmed to KXL that Dr. Morelock has resigned but said he was too busy for an interview today.

This is a developing story and more information will be posted as it becomes available.

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