Portland, Ore. — A tree fell onto an RV in Southeast Portland, igniting a fire and claiming the life of one individual. Portland Fire & Rescue crews, responding to reports just after 2:30 pm Saturday, encountered challenging conditions exacerbated by a winter blast.

The initial call reported a tree fallen onto an RV with someone inside, and a subsequent caller informed dispatch that the RV was fully engulfed in flames. Upon arrival, the first fire crew confirmed the severity of the situation, discovering a tree on the RV and a power pole with live lines and a transformer hindering direct firefighting efforts. Hazardous road conditions further complicated the response.

Deploying hose lines, crews faced an additional challenge when the closest hydrant was found to be non-functional, likely frozen. Swiftly adapting, another crew secured the next closest hydrant and worked diligently to control the blaze. During the operation, it was revealed that three individuals from the RV had sought refuge in a nearby home. AMR responded, discovering one person with non-life-threatening injuries, transported to a local hospital, while the other two were thankfully unharmed.

Tragically, one person, a female in her early 30s, was unable to escape and lost her life in the incident. Fire investigators determined that the individuals inside the RV were using an open flame stove for warmth when the tree fell, sparking the fire.

Portland Fire & Rescue emphasizes the importance of caution when using heating sources during winter and urges awareness of surroundings. Additionally, the community is reminded that emergency responses may be delayed due to adverse weather conditions and road hazards.

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