OLYMPIA, Wash.–More than 449, 000 people in Washington signed on to support Initiative 2081, which guarantees parents the right to access 15 types of public records about their children’s education. Parents like Dawn Land, argued, “In recent years, parents have watched this legislature enact laws eroding our rights and endangering our children. ”

“I am the person who filed Initiative 2081 with the Secretary of State, said Southwest Washington Representative and Republican Jim Walsh, whose 19th District includes Cowlitz County.

“Engaged parents raise healthy and happy kids. There is some confusion among parents, among people, about what rights they have as parents, with engagement, to engage, with the education and the care of their children. And what this initiative seeks to do is clarify those rights, and let parents know, in plain, straightforward terms, what they can expect.”

The initiative passed both the Washington State House and Senate, so now it will become law in 90 days and does not need the Governor’s signature.

It includes the following rights:

  1. To examine the textbooks, curriculum, and supplemental material used in their child’s classroom.
  2. To inspect their child’s public school records and to receive a copy within 10 business days of a written request.
  3. To receive prior notification when medical services are being offered to their child except where emergency medical treatment is required.
  4. To receive notification when any medical service or medication have been provided to their child that could result in any financial impact to health insurance or copayments.
  5. To receive notification when the school has arranged directly or indirectly for medical treatment that results in follow up care beyond normal school hours.
  6. To receive immediate notification if a criminal action is deemed to have been committed against their child or by their child.
  7. To receive immediate notification if law enforcement personnel question their child except in cases where the parent has been accused of abusing or neglecting the child.
  8. To receive immediate notification if their child is taken or removed from the public school campus without parental permission, including a stay at a youth shelter or a private host home for youth in need of temporary placement.
  9. To receive assurance that their child’s public school will not discriminate against their child based upon the family’s sincerely held religious beliefs.
  10. To receive written notice and to have the option to opt their child out of student engagements that include questions about the child’s sexual experiences or attractions, the family’s beliefs, morality, religion, or political affiliations, mental health or psychological problems of the child or family member, and surveys, analyses, and evaluations subject to areas covered by the Federal Protection of Pupil Rights amendments.
  11. To receive written notice and to have the option to opt their child out of instruction on topics associated with sexual activity in accordance with comprehensive sexual health education requirements.
  12. To receive a school calendar and any revisions to the calendar, which must be posted on the school’s website.
  13. To receive a list of any required fee and its purpose and use and how economic hardships may be addressed either in writing or on the school’s website.
  14. To receive a description of the school’s dress code or uniform, either in writing or on the school’s website.
  15. To be informed of their child’s academic performance, if it could threaten their ability to be promoted to the next grade level and to be offered an in person meeting with the teacher and the principal to discuss resources or strategies for academic improvement.

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