SALEM, Ore. (AP) – Authorities say two men were arrested after they were stopped with about 3,800 pounds of fir boughs taken from the Willamette National Forest for holiday decorations.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office says Forest Patrol deputies stopped two men in a vehicle with the fir boughs on Highway 22 near Stayton Nov. 12. The sheriff’s office says deputies learned the boughs were intended to be used commercially for creating holiday decorations.

The boughs were seized and 42-year-old Jose Lucas Lucas, and 31-year-old Juan Lucas Perez were both charged with the unlawful cutting and transport of special forest products.

The sheriff’s office says the illegal harvest and sales of special forest products in Oregon is a continuing concern. Some examples of special forest products include; Christmas trees and boughs, cones, bear grass, salal and firewood.

It wasn’t known if the men have attorneys.

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