VANCOUVER, Wa. — The trial gets underway for a robbery suspect charged for his actions that led to the shooting death of a Vancouver Police officer.

“He’s fighting with him right now. I don’t know what to do. Oh my God.”

That’s the wife of Donald Sahota, an off duty Vancouver police officer, on the line with 911.

“I want you to keep your safe distance,” said the operator.

22 year old Julio Segura showed up at Sahota’s home after allegedly robbing a gas station, stealing a car, and taking officers on a high speed chase. Segura stabbed Sahota multiple times while Sahota was trying to arrest him. A defense attorney says that Segura did not know Sahota was an officer, and that he was acting in self defense. But prosecutors argued, “The defendant admits, in his confession, that Don Sahota identified himself as a police officer.”

The defense fired back. “Off duty police officers, not in their jurisdiction, or not, not at all, but not in their jurisdiction, are not supposed to get involved in anything unless it involves threat to life.”

A deputy mistakenly shot the officer, thinking he was the suspect, reaching for a gun.  The 911 call captured the moment and the operator’s response, warning,  “Gunshots. Gunshots.” The trial started Monday.

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