The son of a Hamas founder, Mosab Hassan Yousef, stated on Monday that he believes Hamas is even more dangerous than ISIS. He suggested that the mainstream media refrains from describing Hamas as a genocidal religious movement to avoid sparking a religious war. Yousef, who had renounced his affiliation with the terrorist group and became an informant for Israel’s internal security service Shin Bet in the 1990s, asserted that Hamas cannot be negotiated with since it operates based on dark hatred towards a race and a nation.

ISIS, also known as the Islamic State, had a significant influence but has been substantially reduced since its territorial control in parts of Syria and Iraq in the 2010s. It was known for its terrorist acts and human rights abuses.

Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip after Israel’s withdrawal from the area in the 2000s and has ruled the territory since being elected to power in 2006. The recent conflict between Israel and Hamas arose when the Palestinian terror group launched a surprise attack in southern Israel, leading to a conflict that gained global attention.

Yousef mentioned that Hamas relies on tactics such as using “human shields” to withstand ground invasions. He proposed that destroying Hamas would require targeting its infrastructure, gathering intelligence, and enforcing a suffocating siege.

Furthermore, the Israel Security Agency, Shin Bet, established a new unit called NILI, which is dedicated to tracking down and eliminating individuals involved in the recent atrocities, particularly targeting members of a special Hamas commando unit within the terror organization’s Nukhba wing.

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