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Grilling at the Green

  • Saturday 3:00pm-4:00pm

A little known fact about Jeff Tracy (The Cowboy Cook) that growing up, which he is still working on, is that he had another passion besides food and horses. Golf

Playing with some well-worn clubs left in the shop by his brother, JT would head for the bottom pasture and hit balls. With his aim not having been perfected yet occasionally something other than gravity would stop his errant shots. Sorry Kevin, did that lump on the side of your head ever go away?

JT’s passion for the sport grew and while in college he bought his first set of good golf clubs. His skill level did not keep pace with his passion but JT never passed up an opportunity to play, even when traveling on the horse show circuit.

JT has had the opportunity to be part of the official photography team at both PGA and LPGA tournaments as well as many amateur and corporate tournaments.

Over the years as JT’s cooking prowess grew he noticed that there was a definite lifestyle component with golfers. The time spent on the course with friends and the time spent at the 19th holes was equally important to those who play the game.

Having played all over the U.S., Australia, and Saudi Arabia the theme is the same. People who play golf enjoy it, and enjoy the friendships and pastimes associated with the game.

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