PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland Fire and Rescue responded to 3 separate commercial fires during the afternoon and early evening hours Monday.

The largest by far was a four alarm fire at the Shin Shin Noodle Factory in North Portland. Portland Fire and Rescue’s Rick Graves was on the scene.  “It’s very dangerous with the potential of the structural collapse. There is smoke blowing over the top of the freeway, at some points in time, pretty significant. We got a lot of smoke production boiling out of this structure.”

There were about a hundred firefighters working on that one. At one point, they were pouring nearly 2, 000 gallons of water a minute into the structure. And while this fire was pouring black smoke into the sky, another commercial fire broke out at the Metro Waste Transfer Facility, also in North Portland.  The crews extinguished flames from a large pile of trash on fire. And while they were tackling that one, they got word of a third fire at an auto parts store.  That one, fortunately, was minor. There were no injuries in any of the fires.

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