SALEM, Ore.– Will Salem Keizer School district workers strike?   A new offer aims at keeping workers in the Salem Keizer School District, from walking out.  The district says the offer’s the best it can do, while unions say it’s not enough.

It’s been nine months, hashing it out in negotiations with unions, representing teachers and support staff, like custodians. The new $82 million plan would raise teacher salaries by about 9% over two years. For support staff, it includes a three-year contract with a 13.5%  salary increase. Superintendent Andrea Castañeda tells news partner KGW:  “We can think of no better use than putting that money in the pockets of our hard working staff.”

But both unions say the Salem Keizer schools are already understaffed and employees are overworked.

“We’ve got people who are working, 80 hours a week in custodial.”

This week superintendent Castañeda said the district needs to cut about $30 million, which will result in layoffs for at least 5% of employees, cutting hundreds of jobs.

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