Ridgefield, Ore. — The Ridgefield School District has recently acquired a 15-acre property located at 18216 NE 29th Avenue in Ridgefield, Washington. The purchase was made using funds collected from developer impact fees, and while there are no immediate plans for a building project, the district intends to utilize the property for the long-term needs of the growing student population.

The new property will eventually serve as the location for a second intermediate and middle school campus catering to grades 5-8. Ridgefield School District currently has one such campus, home to Sunset Ridge Intermediate and View Ridge Middle schools. Alongside this newly-purchased 15-acre land, the district also owns a 27-acre property at 7025 N. 10th Street and is under contract to purchase another parcel of land. All of these lands are earmarked for future K-4 school campuses.

Joe Vance, president of Ridgefield Schools’ board of directors, said, “We approved the acquisition of this land to meet the needs of our growing community. With our schools already overcapacity, we will need to construct additional school campuses to accommodate the increasing number of Ridgefield students. This land is ideally situated in an area of the district where there is a great deal of housing development planned.”

The purchase of the 15-acre property marks an important step for Ridgefield School District in fulfilling its goal of providing the necessary infrastructure to support the education of its students. The district’s leadership remains committed to working with the community to meet the needs of students and families in the area.

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