United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby expresses frustration about problems at Boeing.

“I’m disappointed. First, I would say on the MAX is that when it’s flying, I’m 100 percent sure it’ll be safe. We have a pretty good handle on what happened, what the right remediation is,” said Kirby. “I’m disappointed that the manufacturing challenges do keep happening at Boeing.”

Alaska Airlines CEO Ben Minicucci, confirmed to NBC they’ve found, “Loose bolts on many MAX 9s.  So those are things that are going to be rectified, through the inspection process. It makes you mad that we’re finding issues like that on brand new airplanes.”

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun met with Washington Senator Maria Cantwell and other leaders.

“Number one; acknowledging our mistake. We’re going to approach it with 100% and complete transparency every step of the way. We’re going to work with the NTSB who is investigating the accident itself to find out what the root cause is. We have a long experience with this group. They’re as good as it gets. I trust every step they’ll take and they will get to a conclusion. The FAA, who has to now deal with the airline customers who want their airplanes back in service safely, and to make sure all the procedures are put in place, inspections, all the readiness actions that are required to ensure every next airplane that moves into the sky is in fact safe, and that this event can never happen again.”

Senator Cantwell, who represents the state where Boeing assembles 737s,  says the American flying public and Boeing line workers deserve a culture of leadership at Boeing that puts safety ahead of profits.

Wisconsin Senator Tammy Duckworth demands the FAA deny Boeing’s request for safety waivers on a future version of the 737 MAX. “It is such a bold faced attempt to put profits over the safety of the flying public,” said Duckworth.

Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan said, “They’re working with the NTSB, FAA, Alaska Airlines to make sure these aircraft will be a hundred percent safe.”

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