SALEM, Ore. — Their walkout last year was part of their fight to stall bills about abortion, transgender health care, and gun control. Now, Senator Brian Beauquist, who also made headlines accusing him of making threatening comments towards state police during walkouts in 2019, is running for Oregon State Treasurer. And state Senator Dennis Linthicum is running for Secretary of State.

The two Republican state senators are among the ten whose boycott of the legislature last year disqualified them from re election under ballot measure 113, which voters approved in 2022. It amended Oregon’s state constitution to bar lawmakers from re-election if they have more than 10 unexcused absences. The Oregon Supreme Court upheld their disqualification last month.

Boquist is an Army veteran who since 2009 has represented parts of the Willamette Valley and Coast Range, west and northwest of Salem.  Linthicum, is a rancher and businessman in office since 2017, from a district stretching from Bend to Klamath Falls.


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