Portland, Ore. — Shu Yi, a beloved mother, wife, and hardworking immigrant, tragically lost her life during a robbery at her restaurant on the night of February 18th, 2024. Sally, her daughter, says Shu Yi was thrown to the ground while attempting to stop the thief, resulting in severe head injuries. Despite undergoing a four-hour surgery to address the bleeding in her brain, Shu Yi did not survive and passed away the following morning.

Shu Yi, 56, was a dedicated mother to her son and two daughters, as well as a devoted wife. After her husband was deported, she single-handedly raised her children while tirelessly advocating for his return to the United States. Together, they eventually opened a restaurant, where Shu Yi was known for her generosity, selflessness, and love for her community.

Sally remembers her mother as a vibrant and resilient woman who cherished family gatherings, enjoyed sewing colorful aprons for work, and took delight in caring for their family pets, including koi fish in the restaurant pond. Despite facing numerous challenges as an Asian-immigrant mother, Shu Yi remained optimistic and focused on providing for her children.

The family is devastated by the loss of Shu Yi, especially knowing that she never had the opportunity to fully enjoy the fruits of her labor. A fundraiser has been initiated to cover Shu Yi’s funeral expenses, organize a memorial at the restaurant, and assist with any additional needs, including the closure of their business. Contributions from the community are welcomed and appreciated as the family navigates this difficult time.

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