Portland, Ore. — The Portland Public Schools Board of Education has unanimously selected Dr. Sandy Husk as the interim superintendent for the district. Dr. Husk, a seasoned education professional with 18 years of experience as a public school superintendent, will assume her role on February 12, providing a brief transition period before the conclusion of Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero’s tenure on February 16.

The decision to appoint Dr. Husk was recommended by Board members Julia Brim-Edwards and Andrew Scott, who led the process of identifying, recruiting, and hiring an interim superintendent. The Board outlined specific criteria for the interim position, emphasizing a successful track record as a public school superintendent, experience leading a large Oregon school district, and a commitment to educational equity.

Board Chair Gary Hollands expressed confidence in Dr. Husk’s alignment with these criteria, highlighting her experience as a superintendent who led Oregon’s second-largest school district for over seven years. According to Hollands, Dr. Husk has a proven track record of promoting equity, implementing effective instructional strategies, and fostering a culture of teamwork among school employees.

Dr. Husk, who will not be a candidate for the permanent superintendent position, expressed her eagerness to contribute to student success in Portland. Her focus will be on providing continuity and support for policies, programs, and budgets that enhance learning for all students in Portland Public Schools.

Immediate tasks for Dr. Husk include rebuilding relationships after a month-long teacher strike, implementing the new contract in collaboration with the Portland Association of Teachers, finalizing contracts with other represented employees, managing the Spring budget adoption process, and overseeing ongoing school modernization projects.

Husk, who served as superintendent of Salem-Keizer Public Schools from 2006 to 2014, has a history of accomplishments, including raising the district’s graduation rate and successfully implementing a bond measure for school construction and renovation. She is recognized for her commitment to educational equity and student achievement.

With a background that spans various leadership roles in education, from superintendent to CEO of the AVID Center in San Diego, Dr. Husk brings a wealth of experience to her new role. She holds degrees in elementary education, guidance and counseling, and a Ph.D. in administration, curriculum, and supervision.

Dr. Husk plans to reside in Portland during her tenure as the interim superintendent, aiming to provide stability and support for the Portland Public Schools community during this transitional period.

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