SALEM, Ore. – The Oregon State Fire Marshal (OSFM) is taking proactive measures to combat the increasing fire danger in Oregon’s eastern region, where Red Flag Warnings have been issued. Firefighters and equipment are being pre-positioned in Central Oregon to respond swiftly to potential wildfire incidents.

On Friday morning, August 4, two task forces from Clatsop and Washington counties will mobilize and head to Jefferson County. They will remain stationed there for 72 hours and potentially longer if necessary. These task forces will enhance firefighting capacity and enable a rapid response to any brush or wildfire that may occur.

Oregon State Fire Marshal Mariana Ruiz-Temple expressed concern about the heightened fire risk and the potential threat of dry lightning across parts of the state as the weekend approaches. The Oregon Fire Mutual Aid System will be utilized to deploy resources strategically, aiming to keep fires small and away from communities.

By centrally locating these task forces, the OSFM ensures the flexibility to move firefighters quickly to other regions within the state if required. Pre-positioning resources is part of the OSFM’s Response Ready Oregon initiative, which bolsters initial fire attack capabilities and facilitates rapid responses to emerging fires throughout the state. These resources are on standby, ready to respond immediately in case of fire incidents.

Given Oregon’s wildfire season, the OSFM urges all residents to be mindful of the dry conditions and take necessary precautions to prevent human-caused fires. Vigilance is essential, and residents are encouraged to report any fire sightings promptly to aid in early detection and response efforts.

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