Oregon City, Ore. — Oregon City officials are investigating an act of vandalism that occurred at City Hall over the weekend. According to security footage, two youths approached the building, one of whom was carrying a chainsaw, and used it to cut down a tree in the City Hall parking lot at around 4 am on Monday.

The individuals were captured on camera approaching City Hall from the south side of the building, stopping at two trees before making their way to a third one, which they cut down. The tree was located between the parking lot and the sidewalk on Center Street.

Mayor Denyse McGriff expressed her concern over the incident, stating, “This community is passionate about our trees and natural resources. Cutting down a perfectly healthy tree on public property is concerning behavior that will not be tolerated.”

Upon arriving for work on Monday morning, staff immediately saw the damage, as the tree was left where it fell on the landscaping and into the parking lot, and began taking steps to investigate the incident.

Officials are yet to establish a motive for the incident and are appealing for any information from the public. Anyone who has information regarding the incident is asked to contact the Oregon City Police Department non-emergency line at 503-655-8211.

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