PORTLAND, Ore. — Nurses from Oregon Providence Hospitals at 6 different locations around the state say unless something drastic changes over the next few days, they will have no choice but to strike for 3 days starting Tuesday June 18th.  At issue seems to be many of the same concerns that have driven other nurse walkouts in recent years.  They say they are simply overworked, underpaid and understaffed.  Nurses claim their nurse to patient ratio is simply too high.

Providence says they will continue to work with organizations representing the nurses in hopes of coming to a new agreement.  The 6 hospitals affected include Providence St. Vincent, Milwaukie, Newberg, Hood River, Willamette Falls and Medford.  Hospital managers say they have quality substitutes ready to come in next week and that there will be no closures.

The new Oregon Safe Staffing Law went into affect on June 1st.  It requires the 2 sides to continue to work together until they come to an agreement.

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