WASHINGTON, D.C. — U. S. Senator from Connecticut Richard Blumenthal says his subcommittee is looking closely at, “Another whistleblower. Washington State has brought us new evidence. Very recently, a Boeing employee, Sam Mohawk, Quality Assurance Inspector in Renton, Washington, informed us that Boeing is improperly documenting, I’m quoting, non- conforming parts, possibly using them and installing them in airplanes.”

He outlined some of the allegations.

“Parts that are damaged or defective, he said that he’s been told by his superiors to conceal this evidence from the F.A.A. and that he is being retaliated against the fact he’s been threatened with termination. These are chilling allegations. They echo concerns raised by others, like Merle Myers, who came forward last month with additional related claims about different plant in Washington.”

U.S. Senators are inviting more input and comments from the airlines, whistleblowers, and others with knowledge about safety issues. specific legislation planned to address these complaints though.

The complaints were part of a hearing in which Boeing C.E.O. Dave Calhoun testified and answered questions.  Calhoun said, “We deeply regret the impact that the Alaska Airlines flight 1282 accident had on Alaska Airlines’ team and its passengers. And we are grateful to the pilots and crew for safely landing the plane. We are thankful that there were no fatalities. From the beginning, we took responsibility and cooperated transparently with the N.T.S.B. and the F.A.A. in their respective investigations. In our factories and in our supply chain, we took immediate action. To ensure the specific circumstances that led to this accident could never happen again.”

Republican Missouri U.S. Senator Josh Hawley asked about the 32, 000 machinists under Calhoun’s leadership. “These are Boeing employees in the Pacific Northwest.  The last time they got a contract was 16 years ago. Do you remember the terms of that contract?”  Calhoun said, “I don’t, it wasn’t, it was a very long contract.”  Hawley continued,  “They got, 1 % wage increases over 8 years.  You got a 45%  increase just last year. And you’re making $33 million. Do you think maybe these folks deserve a raise?”  Calhoun responded, “They will definitely get a raise.”

The testy exchange continuede.

Hawley: “What is it you get paid to do exactly?”

Calhoun: “I get paid to run the Boeing company.”

Hawley: “Do you get paid for transparency?”

Calhoun:  “I think the board counts on me for transparency.”

Hawley: “Really? Because you’re under investigation for falsifying 787 inspection records. Boeing’s under criminal investigation for the Alaska flight. You were investigated by D.O.J. for criminal conspiracy to defraud the FAA. This is all in your tenure. What about, safety? Is that a component of your salary?”

Calhoun: “It sure is, Senator.”

Hawley: “The subcontractor that you used to make that door piece that fell out of the sky, when the FAA toured the facility, they found one door seal being lubricated with Dawn liquid dish soap, and another being checked with a hotel room keycard.”

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