Portland, Ore. — Cool and cloudy weather conditions on Tuesday contributed to decreased fire activity. The Camp Creek fire, which remains moderately active, primarily affected heavy timber fuels, with only minimal expansion in burned acreage. The current reported size of the fire is 1,969 acres, with containment still at 0%.

The weather forecast indicates a continuation of cool temperatures and cloudy skies throughout the week, with an expected 0.25 inches of rain in the fire region. These conditions are likely to limit the fire’s spread potential, causing fire behavior to shift toward smoldering and creeping. However, it’s worth noting that rain might not fully saturate the understory in areas with closed tree canopies. These sheltered areas, including dense duff, remain dry and could still support fire activity. A drying trend is predicted for the upcoming weekend, while smoky skies are expected to persist in the area.

Operations Overview

Firefighters have taken proactive measures to contain the fire’s progress. Adjacent to Forest Road 12, brush and timber have been cleared to act as a fire break. Controlled burns of small vegetation pockets between the road and the fire’s edge are being conducted to reduce available fuel along the fire’s perimeter. Efforts are also underway along Forest Road 14, involving the strategic placement of hoses to assist with fire suppression and containment.

Collaboration between the Portland Fire Department and the Portland Water Bureau has been focused on safeguarding the water treatment plant. This includes vegetation removal around the plant building and the reduction of excess chlorine stockpiles to minimize the potential for gas leaks.

Night patrols continue to monitor the fire’s edge for spotting or increased activity, aided by expected higher humidity levels due to the weather shift.

Community Engagement and Information

For today, no community meeting is scheduled. Information officers will be stationed at the Sandy Fire Station #72 from 12 to 2 p.m. and at the Hoodland Thriftway from 2 to 4 p.m.

For further incident updates and information, visit Inciweb: Inciweb – Camp Creek Fire

Additional Information and Precautions

The smoke outlook for August 30 and 31 can be found at Smoke Outlook.

While there are currently no fire-related closures or evacuations in effect, residents in the area are advised to remain prepared for such scenarios. Clackamas County residents can sign up for critical emergency alerts via email, phone calls, and text messages through this link: Clackamas County Emergency Alerts.

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