Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant instructed ground troops at the Gaza border to prepare for a potential invasion of the Palestinian territory. The timing of the invasion was not specified. During a meeting with soldiers on Thursday, Gallant urged them to “get organized, be ready” for orders to advance.

Israel has assembled a significant number of troops along the border following a deadly cross-border attack by Hamas terrorists on October 7. Israeli airstrikes have continued to target the Gaza Strip as part of a retaliatory operation. The casualties reported in the conflict include at least 1,400 Israeli civilians and soldiers, 31 Americans (resulting from the October 7 attack), and, according to the Hamas-run Gaza health ministry, at least 3,478 Palestinians killed and over 10,950 wounded. There are twelve American citizens who remain unaccounted for.

It is anticipated that these casualty figures will increase when ground operations in Gaza begin.

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