Senior Hezbollah official Hashem Safieddine stated on Wednesday during a rally in a Beirut suburb that the Iranian-backed Lebanese militant group has become “thousands of times stronger” than before. Safieddine issued a warning to the U.S., Israel, and what he referred to as “malicious Europeans,” urging caution.

Protest and Anti-U.S., Anti-Israel Sentiments:

The rally in Beirut also featured protesters waving Hezbollah and Palestinian flags while chanting “Death to America and Israel.” Hashem Safieddine, in his remarks, emphasized the resilience of their resistance, citing faith and divine strength as their sources of power.

President Biden’s Israel Visit and Warning:

On the same day as Safieddine’s comments, President Biden visited Israel and issued a warning to other nations against becoming involved in the Israel-Hamas conflict. He emphasized Israel’s strength and announced plans for an increased support package for Israel’s defense, including maintaining the Iron Dome missile defense system and positioning U.S. military assets in the region.

Hezbollah Fighters’ Casualties and Border Tensions:

Hezbollah reported the death of two of its fighters in southern Lebanon on Wednesday, with another fighter in serious condition. This announcement comes amid ongoing skirmishes between Hezbollah and Israeli forces along the border, raising concerns about further involvement in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Rocket Attacks from Lebanon:

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed that nine rockets and several anti-tank missiles were fired from Lebanon into Israel on Wednesday, with four rockets intercepted. In response, the Israeli military engaged in a counterattack, targeting Hezbollah’s infrastructure using tank fire.

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