Eugene, Ore. — An off-duty Eugene Police officer’s keen observation on February 1 led to charges being filed in three separate cases. While en route to work in his personal vehicle around 10:54 a.m., the officer spotted a Dodge Ram 1500 truck that had been reported stolen from BMW of Eugene on January 19. Noticing four individuals inside the vehicle, the officer promptly reported the sighting.

Upon receiving the call, multiple on-duty officers swiftly arrived at the scene located behind a business in the 1000 block of W. 6th Avenue. They safely apprehended the truck’s driver, identified as 34-year-old Huston Ray Denham of Springfield, and his passengers. Denham was subsequently taken into custody and transported to Lane County Jail.

Investigations revealed Denham’s involvement in a burglary at BMW’s property, the theft of the truck, and possession of burglary tools. Additionally, he was linked to a trespassing incident at Dick’s Sporting Goods on January 31, where he had previously been trespassed but re-entered the store, leading to altercations with employees.

Denham faces multiple charges, including Unauthorized Use Vehicle, Burglary in the Second Degree, Possession of Burglary Tool or Theft Device, and Criminal Trespass in the Second Degree. Additionally, he was cited for Driving While Suspended. He remains lodged at Lane County Jail pending further legal proceedings.

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