Happy Valley, Ore. — Clackamas County authorities have confirmed that evacuation orders for two of the Rosewood Station apartment buildings are still in effect.

The evacuation advisories pertain to two buildings, namely 8810 and 8820 SE Otty Road, situated across the street from a recent 3-alarm commercial fire in Happy Valley. These advisories are due to potential hazardous materials risk, specifically asbestos, associated with the buildings.

Preliminary air quality tests conducted in and around the affected buildings have yielded generally reassuring results. However, officials are awaiting the results of tests on the ash found within the buildings, which are anticipated to be available on either Tuesday or Wednesday. The health and safety of the building’s residents are the county’s primary concern in this matter.

In accordance with recommendations from the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the county is actively reaching out to residents of the two buildings, offering alternative short-term housing options. Officials initiated contact with the affected households on Saturday to inform them of potential risks and provided emergency shelter options in Oregon City.

On Sunday, county officials will once again contact residents, encouraging them to adhere to the evacuation advisories and temporarily relocate to the offered alternative short-term housing.

Residents and members of the public with questions or concerns are urged to contact 2-1-1 for assistance.

The commercial fire incident that prompted these evacuation orders occurred on Saturday morning at the former Miles Fiberglass and Composites building, located in the 8800 block of Southeast Otty Road. Clackamas County has stated that the county’s development agency owns the building and has plans to commence demolition over the next few weeks. Recent testing revealed the presence of asbestos in the building’s materials.

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