PORTLAND, Ore. — Sam Adams was Portland’s mayor from 2009-2013.  “I offer a track record bringing people together to successfully tackle often controversial and tough issues.”

Supporters say he led the city through the Great Recession’s painful cuts, pushed for the city to take a bigger role in education and for composting, and an east side streetcar line. But he also carries baggage, including two recall attempts sparked by a relationship. Prosecutors investigated a teen’s claims that the relationship happened before he turned 18, but they never brought charges.

Now Adam seeks a fresh start.

“I’m running because too often the decision making at Multnomah County lacks focus, urgency, good partnerships, and accountability. ”

He says these are his top issues. “Homelessness, drug addiction, mental illness.”

He also wants some big changes on the commission itself.

“The current chair and previous chairs have blocked the ability of county commissioners to put items on the agenda, which makes it very difficult for them to do their business for the public and the commissioners to provide oversight.”

He also points out, “Unlike other large counties up and down the West Coast, Multnomah County has no registration for special interest lobbying.  We don’t know who their clients are.”

“The changes that we need to make will require big changes in very complicated bureaucracies, getting the cities and county working better together.  Using the budget more efficiently.  We need and can find additional opportunities, savings, to provide more mental health and drug treatment services.”

He paints himself as the best qualified candidate of the five in the race.

“I have done a number of multi-billion dollar budgets and have taken on the kind of controversial issues and made change bringing folks together. The Oregonian looked at a fine group of candidates and I’m honored to have won their endorsement. I can hit the ground running.”

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