Portland, Ore. — Early this morning, Portland Fire & Rescue responded to a fire reported at the Portland Mercado located on 72nd and Foster. The fire engine confirmed the presence of the fire upon arrival at the scene at 5:43 AM.

An offensive fire attack was immediately directed to address the situation. A truck company was then instructed to assist in forcible entry and search operations. Additionally, the water supply was directed to the second arriving engine as part of the firefighting efforts.

Approximately an hour into the response, there were observations of charged smoke emanating from one side of the building. In an effort to contain the situation, adjacent spaces were opened up to investigate if the fire had extended beyond its initial location. Fortunately, there were reports of successful extinguishment of the fire.

Details later emerged indicating that the fire was contained within the tricky cut-up construction within the structure. The incident required careful navigation due to the complex layout of the building. As of the latest update, the fire department continues its efforts to ensure the safety of the area and prevent any potential rekindling.

(This is a developing story and will be updated)

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