Clackamas, Oregon – On Sunday, March 5th, on-duty and off-duty firefighters from Clackamas Fire attended the Winter Regional Basketball tournament that was put on by the Special Olympics of Oregon. What made this particular event so special? It was the celebration of 19-year-old Timm Wilson-Krueger’s gold medal win, a young man who was rescued by the same firefighters from a house fire back in June 2019.

Clackamas Fire crews were dispatched to a report that a house was on fire with occupants trapped inside. First arriving crews quickly made access to the home without the protection of a hose line to begin looking for the trapped individual. Firefighters were able to locate Timm, who had locked himself in the hallway bathroom when the fire started. In the few minutes, he waited to be rescued, the closed bathroom door was credited for creating a survivable space for Timm.

Timm, who is Down-syndrome and Autistic, ended up in the bathroom after becoming scared when an accidental cooking fire started in the kitchen. The firefighting team was able to make their way in low visibility and high heat conditions to a front window where Timm was lifted out and handed to a team of waiting firefighters. Medical care was initiated before being transported to an area hospital.

This past Sunday, crews made their way to root Timm Wilson-Krueger on as he participated in and took home the Gold medal at the Basketball tournament held by Special Olympics of Oregon. Captain Justin McWilliams, who was part of the search and rescue effort said at the time, “What makes this career so rewarding, is to see the impact we truly have on our public. We have built an amazing bond with this family, and it’s an honor to celebrate how far Timm has come after almost losing his life.”

During a short phone conversation this week, Tammi, Tim’s Mom, stated “We just love you guys! We have been blessed by your willingness to stay in touch and show your support for our family.”

Clackamas Fire is humbled to serve this family and all who need them. When they say “Here For You,” they mean it!

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