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City Launches Internal Investigation Into “Unauthorized Slide” At Police Training

Portland, Ore. — Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says he is “disgusted that this offensive content was added to a training presentation
for our police officers.”

The Mayor is referencing a slide show that was used in 2021 as part of a training series for officers regarding the 2020 riots in Portland.  The majority of the slide show focuses on different kinds of riots, what officers can expect to see, and picture from riots in Portland.  But it was slide #110, the last slide in the PowerPoint presentation that has the Mayor mad.

“As soon as I was made aware of the incident, I reached out to Chief Lovell,” said Mayor Wheeler, “who shared my deep concern and assured me that a thorough and complete investigation was underway. That investigation began in September of 2021 and is still ongoing. I believe that the hard-working members of the Portland Police Bureau who are seeing this for the first time are also angered and disgusted by the image and words on this slide and how it portrays members of our community and law enforcement. The Portland Police Bureau must reject the harmful and divisive attitude expressed in that slide. As Police Commissioner, I am not able to comment any further on this case or the
investigation until the investigation and any subsequent disciplinary process is complete.”

Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell issued this statement:

“The message on the training presentation slide was contrary to PPB’s values and what we are trying to
achieve as an organization. Upon learning of its existence, I ordered an Internal Affairs investigation.
That investigation is still open and therefore, details cannot be discussed. However, I want to make it
clear that the content of this message is not representative of the Portland Police Bureau and it is
disappointing to all of us who work so hard to earn the community’s trust.

“PPB has existing policies governing professional conduct (Directive 310.00 Professional Conduct and
Courtesy) and we are committed to addressing policy violations and other misconduct in a fair and
appropriate manner. Members are required to, and regularly do, report misconduct as appropriate so
that an investigation can begin.”



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