Jack Daniels is partnering up with the Black and Loud Fest Portland on Saturday April 6, 2024 at the Bossanova Ballroom, where they are bringing a huge line up of black fronted bands to all three Bossanova Ballroom stages. 

Cameron Lavi-Jones of King Youngblood along with Anthony Briscoe of Down North have brought the festival to the Pacific Northwest since 2022, with a huge turnout in Seattle in 2023. Cameron believes Portland is the perfect place to bring the festival to music fans this upcoming weekend.

Black & Loud Portland Lineup

Black & Loud Fest celebrates the long lineage of Black artists that have strapped on a guitar and raised their fist to the sky, with a line up of Black artists from the Pacific Northwest, Los Angeles and even Toronto Ontario Canada. Cameron says “The story has never been fully told about Black artists’ musical roles alternative genres in rock and roll.  We are putting on Black & Loud so that there is no longer a question of the tour de force of black artists working outside stereotypical black genres both in the Pacific Northwest and across North America.  This is something culturally significant not only for BIPOC people (Black, Indigenous People of Color) but for everyone.”





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