A Rookie Goes Dancing!

Do you like to dance?   Do you wish you knew how?   I have ALWAYS wanted to, and after hearing the Arthur Murray Dance Studio ad on the radio for the past year or so, I finally decided to give it a whirl.   I felt like an idiot walking in the door, but honestly, after so many years being a member of the media and doing a morning show, I’m kind of used to that.   🙂

I got matched up with Cody, who’s an energetic and friendly young man, not to mention a great dancer!   I really thought I wouldn’t be able to follow along, but Cody made it easy and so much fun!   Before long I had forgotten that I was embarrassed and was just having fun, and dancing!

The lessons are 45 minutes each and it goes by quickly!   I was a little out of breath at the end, but felt zero muscle pain the next day.

You pay for the lesson, but all of the group dancing classes and dance parties are free.  You can go as many times as you like.  The idea is to practice while having fun.  The instructors are at those events.  You do not have to go as a couple.  There are plenty of solo people who come and everyone dances with everyone.

The health benefits of dancing include:

  • Improved Flexibility. The movements associated with dance can increase flexibility and reduce stiffness. …
  • Minimized Stress
  • Reduced Depression
  • Weight Loss
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health
  • Better Coordination Strength & Balance
  • Improved Social & Emotional Health



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