Portland, Ore. — Portland Fire responded to reports of a fire in a dumpster located between two buildings shortly after midnight at 1923 NE Schuyler St. The buildings flanking either side of the dumpster were identified as 2-story apartment buildings with approximately a dozen units in each. Upon arrival, crews found that the fire had spread up the siding and into the attic spaces of both buildings.

Crews acted swiftly to extinguish the fire by aggressively working on the roof and deploying hose lines. By cutting multiple holes in the roof, they managed to contain the fire damage to only a few units, ultimately saving many others. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported among the occupants. However, due to the incident, at least five units have been deemed uninhabitable, resulting in displacement for several individuals. The Red Cross is currently assisting those affected.

Fire investigators were sent to the scene to determine the cause of the fire.

Simultaneously, as the incident unfolded and crews were still working to address hotspots, a shooting occurred nearby in the area of NE 15th and NE Broadway. Portland Fire had crews on standby, ready to assist with the fire as needed. However, Engine 14 was released to provide medical aid to the shooting victim. The individual was subsequently transported to the hospital with injuries.

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